Electric Lumbar Traction Device Waist Back Massager

$51.86 $79.78

Waist massager

1. Intelligent traction function, using dynamic reciprocating traction function, pushing the lumbar vertebra upwards, traction and stretching the lumbar vertebrae and muscles, relieving lumbar muscle fatigue and reducing lumbar and back pain;

2.Two automatic traction modes, different traction height design, users choose the mode that suits them.

3.Manual traction mode, the user can manually adjust the traction height according to his or her comfort level, choose to turnon or off the heating function and vibration massage function .

4. Vibration massage design on both sides of the waist, Promote blood circulation and relieve waist muscle fatigue;

5. Infrared heating technology, promote blood circulation, reducing lumbar and back pain; 6. The ergonomic curve design, reasonable support for the waist;

Packing list:

1 * Waist massager 1 * Manual 1 * Adapter