26" Aluminum Mountain Bike

$499.00 $599.00


Ÿ   Lightweight aluminum frame with style for hassle-free riding performance and easy transport

Ÿ   High performance front suspension fork enhances control on bumpy surfaces and promises smoother ride

Ÿ   Reliable Shimano 24-speed derailleurs and shifters provide all the gears you'll need to meet any challenge

Ÿ   Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes system for safe braking power and control.

Ÿ   The bikes are shipped 85% pre-assembled. Typical bike assembly is time-consuming and requires technical know-how, but this mountain bike reduces the time and skills needed for the final assembly: pedals, front wheel, handlebar and fill the tires with air.

Frame Aluminum
Shifter Shimano EF500-3/8, 24-Speed
Wheel Size 26"*1.95 Tire
Derailleur Front: Shimano FD-TY500   Rear: Shimano RD-TY300
Crank 1/2*3/32*24T(ED)*34T(ED)*42T(ED)*170 Aluminum
Brakes Dual Disc Brakes
Pedals 9/16"
Number of Speeds 24
Frame size 19“
Weight Capacity 330lbs
Product Weight 40 LBS
Shipping Weight 55 LBS
Package Size 54" x 29" x 8"(L x W x H)

Assembly and Tuning Required

The pedal threads differ between the left and right side. L/R marks are embossed on the spindle of each pedal, ensure they are assembled on the correct side (when riding the bike the left pedal should be on your left hand side, right pedal on

right hand side). The right pedal has a right-hand thread (removes counterclockwise, installs clockwise). The left pedal has a left-hand thread (removes clockwise, installs counterclockwise).

Thread both pedals into the crank arms as far as you can by hand, then fully tighten them with the wrench. If the pedals are not fully tightened, they may become loose and damage the threads, we will not be responsible for such damages.