Beach Backpack Towel, Convertible Smart Towel for Kids

$29.99 $39.90

Beach Towel, Beach Hoodie, Beach Backpack all in one!

Take the fuss out of packing the little ones up for a trip to the beach. Our 100% natural cotton Pestemal Back Pack is perfect for kids and this beach towel/cover-up folds and converts into a backpack. 

This lightweight, bright beach towel backpack is a perfect vacation gift for any kid. Beach Towel Backpack is made from hypo hypoallergenic so you never have to worry about their health or comfort. Best of all, it's especially designed for them to wear on their own so they can be just like mom and dad at the beach.

Order today and see the difference super-soft and super-absorbent Pestemal makes at the beach.