Glitter Glam Eye Gel

$12.00 $19.90

Monochrome Gel Polarized Sequins

Inside is a gel-like paste, the cream sequins are self-adhesive, no need to use glue

The main point of this product is that the main ingredient of this gel is extracting aloe vera gel. It will not irritate the skin, it will be super moist and it will feel a little cold and comfortable. different angles of laser for different effects, BULING BULING super beautiful.


  • Quantity: 1 pc *Glitter Sequins Gel

  • Weight: About 10g

  • Application:Beauty makeup/ manicure DIY/Arts and crafts

  • It can be used for various holiday parties, and daily makeup

  • Easy to portable and convenience to use


Fingertips work best but a flat/compact synthetic or silicon brush could also do the job! Gently shape or clean up the area with a spoolie. Apply in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. The gel formula fries down completely and stays put all day!

Biodegradable glitter can be washed off without any worries! Simply rinse the remaining glitter off with water. You may remove any loose specs with a spoolie, tape, or a lint roller. Avoid using makeup wipes!!! They'll only create more waste and spread the glitter around.

For cosmetic glitter, please remove with a spoolie, tape, lint roller, or wash into a separate bowl that won't be washed down the drain.