Kimi kalimba transparent crystal finger piano

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Thumb Piano 17 Keys Transparent Musical Keyboard instrument 17 Keys Kalimba Acrylic with Tuning Hammer 17 Keys Mbira


This kalimba in cute bear shape is make of transparent acrylic material, with beautiful appearance and exquisite workmanship. 17 metal tines adopts international standard C tune design, the corresponding tunes of the metal tines are D6-B5-G5-E5-C5-A4-F4-D4-C4(middle)-E4-G4-B4-D5-F5-A5-C6-E6(from left to right).

Easy play and quick learning, just holding it in your hands and plucking the tines with your thumbs to create clear and melodious sounds; with a mini hammer for convenient tuning.

Comes with a zippered case, convenient to carry around and make wonderful music anywhere; and the stickers for helping you to learn and play kalimba easily and quickly.

Suitable for travel entertainment, religious ceremonies, decompression, also can be a great decoration for home, office, studio, etc. An ideal musical gift for friends and families.

Specifications: Type:

M-10 bear shape/ M-1 cat claw shape/No logo/Colorful Bear (optional)

Material: Acrylic + Wood + Metal Tonality: C tune Keys: 17 keys Item Size: 13 * 15 * 2.5cm/ 5.1 * 5.9 * 1in Item

Weight: 565g/ 1.2lbs

Package List:

1 * Kalimba

1 * Carry Case

3 * Sticks

1 * Tuning Hammer

1 * Cleaning Cloth(Random Color Delivery)

1 * Stand (Choosed)