Massage Yoga Wheel

$29.90 $55.98
  • ❤ Lightweight- The size of the yoga wheel roller is 12.87 inches x 5.07 inch diameter, with triple grid 3D massage zones mimics the finger , palm , and thumb of a therapist's hands.
  • ❤ Increase Flexibility & Mobility- The Yoga Wheel helps to deepen your stretches. A great aid to use when doing poses to improve balance, core strength and perform more challenging postures. Ideal for beginners who want extra support for mobility or experts looking to improve flexibility.
  • ❤ Strong & Durable- Our Yoga Prop Wheel holds up to 100kg. Made with a Non Slip ABS covering to provide strong yet comfortable support. The outer wheel has grip to keep you balanced but is still soft to roll between shoulder blades or under feet.
  • ❤ Eco Friendly, Moisture Proof & Bacteria Free- The TPE padding has moisture resistant technology which makes the mat water-proof to keep it moisture and germs free! So you can be sure that your yoga wheel will be free of musky scents.
  • ❤ Body & Posture Benefits: Access deeper variations of backbends, release muscle tension, alleviate back pain, open the chest, shoulders, back, hips, roll out the spine. Assists in advanced yoga positions. Use to warm up and prevent injuries so that you can improve your balance and flexiblity.



The Yoga Wheel is the perfect addition to your yoga practice. It enhances any routine by providing support so you learn new poses safely, and helps with deep stretching for improved flexibility. Great for beginners in need of assistance during balance poses, backbends, headstands. It is also a fun tool for advanced yogis to challenge their balance and creatively take their practice to the next level. Simply lying across it is great for massaging the spine and opening up the chest.