Mini electric skateboard equipped with best motor kit for adults

$199.00 $269.00

Product highlights:The board weighs only 3 kg and is very portable. It is suitable for teenagers and adults.Skateboard is light, but the deck is made of 7 ply canadian maple, so the board is strong enough to withstand the maximum weight of 100 kg. 70mm wheels offer a good trafficability on the road. Comfortable riding experience ! Other than this,the skateboard water proof and dustproof. And the top speed is 15 km / h, the 2200mah battery provides a endurance for skateboards and can last for about 8 kilometers. In short, stylish in appearance and has good flexibility for high speed stability and comfort.

1、Drive wheel outer ring can be replaced
Long driving wheels will wear and tear, affecting the appearance and sliding, but you can replace new wheel outer ring.


2、Strong support
hig strength aluminum-magnesium alloy bracket, enough to withstand the maximum weight of 100 kg

3、300w Brushless motor
strong power
stable work
long service life