Outdoor garden powder-coated trampoline

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Our 14FT trampoline, equipped with basketball hoop, ladder and outer  enclosure, is a perfect trampoline for your kid. Made with exquisite craft and nice material, it gives you a total peace of mind without worryring about the safety as long as you follow safety tips on warning labels and user manuals. Our 14FT trampoline is not only a gift for your kid but also  for family cohesion. You will be surprised how much fun you will get with this trampoline.


Basketball Board & Ball & Inflator:

You can set up the basketball board on top of the specific tube. Tighten all the screws and your kid can play basketball on the trampoline. Meanwhile, ball and inflator are available for maximizing your kid's fun.

2-Step Ladder:

Make your little girl or boy have access to the trampoline. The steps are knurled for anti slippery purpose.

Outer Enclosure and Upright Tubes PE Sleeve:

Outer enclosure makes the biggest jumping area come true. The Sleeve protects the EPE foam from sun, wind, snow and thus makes it last longer.

6 W-Shape Leg Supports:

The legs are arranged and assembled evenly under the trampoline frame. They offer enough stability. 

T Joint Structure:

T joints make the weakest connecting tubes stronger.

All Tubes Powder-Coated:

All galvanized tubes are grey powder-coated, making it more beautiful and your hands clean after assembly. Meanwhile, poweder-coating makes the trampoline lasts longer. Few trampolines on the market are poweder-coated.

ASTM F381& F2225 Tested:

Our 14FT trampoline has got tested in the lab. Safety net, padding cover, jumping mat and tubes are labeled with sufficient warnings to avoid injury.


One set of trampoline is packed in 3 boxes and these boxes are very strong.

Trampoline specs:

Spring: φ3.2*23*28N*137mm*72pcs

Weight  Capacity: 120kg(264lbs) ASTM tested

Trampoline diameter: 14ft

Trampoline height(from ground to jumping mat level): 2.95ft

Safety net height(from jumping mat to top): 5.91ft

Jumping Mat Material: Reinforced Polypropylene

Construction Material: Engineered Galvanized Metal

Total Assembled Trampoline Size (L x W x H): 14ft x 14ft x 8.86ft


Outdoor Jumping Trampoline

Backyard Home Sports Trampoline Style

Large Wide-Diameter Jumping Surface

Perfect for Kids, Children, Teens & Young Adults

Tall Protective Safety Net Cage Enclosure System

Waterproof Rated & Weather-Resistant Design

Reinforced Bouncy Jumping Mat Surface

Rugged & Durable Leg Base Frame Construction

Stable Platform Base for Driveway and Grass Placement

Family Fun, Recommended for Ages 6+ and Up

Lab Tested