Universal Splash Filter Faucet

$15.90 $19.90
Color: Silver

[720 degree rotation angle] - Splash proof faucet can rotate the outlet by 720 degrees. Making the water flow to every corner of the sink, which makes it very convenient to wash.

[Two outlet modes] - Soft bubble stream and strong sprayer shower.

[Easy to install] - The main body of the splash-proof faucet has a 55 / 64 inch 27UNS internal thread. If your faucet is an external thread, connect it directly. 

[Wide use] - Made of durable material, suitable for dining room, laundry, and backyard, it can be used for sink faucet, kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, etc.

[Environmental protection] - Compared with standard foam, the function can save 30% - 70% water and save money at the same time.


Universal Splash Filter Faucet, 720 Degree Swivel Movable Kitchen Sink Faucet Aerator

Material: strong copper

Two water-saving modes

A soft foam splash-proof mode and a high-pressure shower mode. The rotary switch selects a mode more suitable for you, which can quickly wash items and facilitate washing, and enhance your happiness in life.

Wide range of uses

Suitable for restaurants, laundry rooms and backyards, can be used for sink taps, kitchen taps, bathroom taps, etc.

Package includes:

1 x 720 universal splash filter faucet;