DIY Decorative Luminous Stones For Yard And Walkways Decor Fairy Garden


Colorful, shiny, luminous artificial small stones  !

Product description:

Product name: 500Pcs Garden Pebbles

Product color: as shown in the figure.

Product material: resin

Product packaging: 500pcs/bag

Origin: China

Scope of application: flowerpot decoration, swimming pool decoration and so on.

Product advantages:

    + Numerous quantities: You can spend very little money to purchase very good decorative decorations. There are many sets, with 500 in one package, and you can decorate any dark environment you want to decorate

    + Magical Light: Artificial stones contain very magical elements that can silently emit light in the dark, quietly embellishing the dark environment. But your premise is to give it enough brightness!

    + Strong applicability: You can place them anywhere, in water, on land, or on cement, and be careful not to heat them up

    + Perfect Gift: A perfect companion gift, it will be like a star at night, accompanying the person you want to accompany you. Give it to the person you love!