How should I match my home when I move into a new house?

How should I match my home when I move into a new house?

Proper furniture matching can make the whole family atmosphere more comfortable, warm and natural. Different rooms have different matching skills. Today, I will mainly introduce European and American style home furnishing skills. This article will teach you how to arrange your own home.

In addition to basic large items, there are many places where we need to design and match ourselves, such as murals.

Decorative painting is an affordable and durable thing. It can not only light up the house, but also serve as a medium for expressing moods and attitudes, conveying to guests their own taste and ideas, and resonating more than tables and chairs.

This painting is a retro decorative painting of the sky map of the northern and southern hemispheres of France in 1920. It is combined with objects from some years and natural elements such as plants and stones, which can change the aura of the bedroom.

In addition, if you have a record at home, you can also hang it on the wall, full of retro style. To add to the wall, you need to buy IKEA's Glasse, a thin aluminum frame for vinyl records.

In the decoration painting of the living room, we have several choices, small animal patterns, plant patterns, these are very small and fresh.

If you want more modern, concise and elegant decorative paintings, you can choose urban architecture.

If you are still not satisfied, there are decorative paintings of natural mountains and rivers, which will make your home closer to nature and the space more flexible.

In addition, geometric patterns such as triangles, circles, diamonds, and radial lines will be more three-dimensional. There are also portrait paintings, etc., but the color of the painting should not be too different from the color of the furniture. It is better to choose the same color.

Of course, we can also put on some spherical lamps, the spherical lampshade is made of glass fiber and natural rubber, and each one is made by hand. The brightness can be adjusted, and it is also waterproof, heat-resistant, and has a certain degree of anti-extrusion and anti-drop effects. Warm and romantic, it can be used as a night light in the living room or stairs. If you have a baby at home, you should buy a higher quality one or not.

After going to formaldehyde in the new home, it will inevitably still have a little smell. At this time, I will buy two green plants. The green plants are well selected, and the space in the home is beautiful and fresh. I would like to recommend several net celebrity home green plants.

The dark green leaves are matched with the log furniture, which is full of natural and artistic atmosphere. Monstera will preferentially adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases. The amount of formaldehyde absorbed by a monstera is equivalent to that of 10g coconut carbon, which is very useful for air purification.

The leaves are round, the branches are slender, the simple gray-green color and the exquisite and compact shape maximize their cool posture and romance.

The appearance is similar to the name, a very domineering plant. The celestial ruler is a plant with a good air purification effect, and has a good adsorption effect on formaldehyde, benzene, radon, ammonia, and TVOC.

In the home, one often comes into contact with creativity created by the collision of material properties such as rock, bamboo, and ceramics. If there is not much space, we can use the wall space, and the plants can be more beautiful on the wall.


Use the appropriate space to make the whole more beautiful and tidy. Put pieces of green plants on the wall and push the door to enter. The fresh and natural greenery will give our home the atmosphere of a botanical garden.

After introducing so many plants, have you discovered that there are so many tips for home furnishing? Don't worry, we continue to come down, there are surprises waiting for you.

In the days when information is exploding and there is no time to be alone, learn to open up a small corner and let yourself be uneasy. There is such a small corner where you can be alone with a book and read carefully, or you can take a quiet nap alone, or you can talk and chat with your family and friends. This small corner doesn't need too many things. You can create a small corner with a small carpet + small sofa, lazy sofa, and single chair. This small corner can be in the room or in the living room, as long as you like it, it can be a place for you to be alone.

let's take a look at how to match sofas and tables and chairs!

Wooden coffee table is very common, because it is light and convenient, and it is very popular. Many people choose wooden coffee tables at home, especially those who like fabric sofas. The naturalness of wood and the simplicity of fabric are very harmonious.

If the traditional one-shaped sofa is matched with a long coffee table, the coffee table must be placed directly in front of the sofa, and the perfect ratio of division will make the space look more regular. Perfectionism can choose this combination, plus a blanket to brighten the overall space color, making the whole space a lot more beautiful.

If the space is large enough, you can use the coffee table in the middle, and the sofas at both ends are parallel, and the sofas can be placed in parallel without the wall, so that the space does not look too empty. This layout and furnishings are more intimate and very warm. If there is a visitor, the distance is not far, nor too close.

A small coffee table can make the entire space not compact. If it is a small round table, it is more suitable for a small living room or a small apartment house. If it is a large living room, the coffee table can be selected in multiple combinations, with small stools or futons, which can create a good family atmosphere

When it's quiet, there is no cumbersomeness and noisiness in the mind, and I walk into a beautiful mood of clearness and clarity in a leisurely time.

Finnaly, Winter is coming, if it snows in your city, maybe you need a fireplace. Let electric fireplace warm your home and life.

Features a sleek rectangular design and modern black scheme this fireplace adds texture to any living room, bedroom, library or hallway. That provides ambient heat up to 400 square feet, optimal for warming up the entire room . The heat can be regulated using the remote control and/or the button provided in the insert

Today’s home furnishings are shared here, I don’t know if you got it yet, as long as we are good at using the space, we can also become masters of design! More exciting, see you next time~

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